Here you will find past Sunday messages that aren’t necessarily in a series.

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July 14, 2019
James 4

To walk in God's Freedom, to experience God's Victory, to rest in God's confidence, to gain God's perspective we are exhorted in the book of James to draw near to God and he will draw near to us. Join us on Sunday to explore His grace and mercy calling us to respond to His divine enabling. What are we waiting for, God is drawing and will draw near to us.


April 21, 2019
John 20:1-10, Matt. 27:62-28:15

Is Christian faith based on our feelings or something more substantial? We will be looking at a historical event--that Jesus Christ rose from the dead--of which someone once said, "The resurrection of Jesus Christ is either the greatest event of human history or the most heartless, vicious lie ever foisted on the minds of men." If true, it has serious implications for everyone!


April 14, 2019
John 19:17-42

The “passion of Jesus Christ” generally refers to the last 12 hours of Jesus’ life, focusing on events that include his agonizing in the garden of Gethsemane up to his death on the cross–a tragic tale of unjust suffering that is ultimately eclipsed by his glorious bodily resurrection. But his suffering and death on what is called “Good Friday” are also a kind of victory for those of us who, in a metaphorical sense, come to the cross by faith.


April 7, 2019
Luke 19:28-44

Jesus said, "Who ever is not for me is against me" and so never intended others to "straddle the fence" concerning him. He still tends to provoke different responses in people today depending on their impressions of him. What about you? As we approach Easter weekend let us be mindful of opportunities to hold Jesus up before others so that they can consider his impact on their lives.


January 6, 2019
Luke 5:32-39

What's Jesus saying when he told the parable that we don't patch an old garment with a patch taken from a new garment?  Or, what's up with the old and new wine skins, and why should we care? We'll be looking at Luke 5:32-39 this Sunday to answer these questions.


December 30, 2018
Revelation 21


December 23, 2018
Luke 2:8-14

Would you say that your life characterized by peace? Jesus, as the Prince of Peace, came to bring us peace and has commissioned us to be peacemakers as well. Our demonstration of peace is one of the ways we bring glory to God, and peace is manifested in three different ways.


December 16, 2018
Luke 2:8-14

Birth announcements are a cause for rejoicing--we are happy for the family of the baby during that special time. The birth of Jesus Christ has been celebrated by far more people than any other human being, and not just during his time but throughout history since. And in contrast, the joy people have felt regarding the birth of Christ has not been for his family but is personal--we are the blessed ones! As the angel declared, his birth was and is a cause of "great joy of all people." How has the birth of Jesus impacted you? Is it just a nice story or has it profoundly affected your life?


December 9, 2018
Luke 2:8-14

The Christmas story from the gospel of Luke finds shepherds, out in their fields, blindsided by an angel's announcement of "good news of great joy" regarding the birth of a baby. Was the good news they received 2,000 years ago the same message we can share with others today during this festive season? 


December 2, 2018
Luke 2:1-7

Do you sometimes wonder what happened to God? Sometimes circumstances would lead us to believe that God is absent or uncaring. This December we will be looking at the Christmas story as told in Luke's gospel, where some would-be parents found themselves in a difficult and confusing situation that, as it turned out, was all part of a marvelous, divine plan.